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Structured Cabling

Infrastructure cabling is the backbone of your business data transmission systems. We plan, design and implement trusted and efficient connections to have your business network perform at its best.


You know your network is more than just computers and an internet connection. Servers, switches, and the right applications with the right integrations all play a role in setting your team for success. One oft-overlooked component of a great network? The physical cabling and connectivity between the components necessary for each component to work at optimal levels.


Some managed services and IT firms leave connectivity in the hands of someone else. Our expert team knows that great connectivity can be the gateway to success for your business. We understand that you want every invested dollar to move you in the right direction, so we make it our mission to lend a hand in that pursuit.

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Our Structured Cabling Services

At TeraLinks, we specialize in infrastructure cabling design and deployment. We understand that your technology investments cannot meet their potential if they are not all working together in concert. From single-location, low-volume networks to complex environments made of dozens or even hundreds of switches, routers, firewalls, servers, and storage devices, our expert team can design and deliver a cabling solution right for your business. TeraLinks Infrastructure Cabling solutions include but are not limited to:

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Network design

Penetration Testing.png

Connectivity test

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Cable procurement and preparation

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Cabling installation

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Cable replacement


When we expanded our business, we needed a reliable IT company to equip our new office with the right systems for our medical requirements. TeraLinks set us up with safe browsing and security tools, a disaster recovery system, as well as a secure and versatile infrastructure with a central storage system that improved our team’s workflow and organization and an ability to work remotely.

Nancy M. | General Manager



A Robust Structured Cabling System Supports The Demands Of Your Business Network

Unlike other providers, TeraLinks focuses on decreased latency, increased security, and turning your cabling and component connectivity into a strength instead of an eyesore stuffed in a closet. You want what is best for your business and we do, too. That starts with great connections, both literally and figuratively.


Network design is not just about the components that empower your team and help you reach your full business potential, great network design is also about how those components fit together and the mission they serve. With the right network design and cable deployment, your entire network infrastructure can be an asset, driving processes, procedures, and workflows to new heights.

Contact us now to learn more about how TeraLinks can help your network design and cabling go from “confusing” to “competitive advantage.”

TeraLinks Provides Efficient & Reliable Infrastructure Cabling

Drive Performance And Make Room For Future Growth

Even if you have an existing network already in place, new technologies present a wide area of opportunity for your business. TeraLinks can refresh and redeploy cables and connections to optimize your network and bring you further into the future. 


With the right network design and cable deployment, your entire network infrastructure can be an asset, driving processes, procedures & workflows to new heights.

Looking To Enhance Your Network Or Design Your Network From Scratch?

Whether you're planning a new installation, an upgrade to an existing system, or seeking a comprehensive assessment of your cabling architecture, we're here to help. Contact us today and we'd be happy to help you enhances your business's connectivity and performance.

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