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OADC ( is an office-anesthesiology practice located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Founded by Dr. Zak Messieha to fill a growing need for high-quality, state-of-the-art, office-based anesthesia care, OADC works with dentists and other health practitioners in and around Illinois. However, working in a sector with fierce competition and where long-term relationships can make or break a business, Dr. Messieha realized that technology could be the key to unlocking long-term business growth.

The Problem

The OADC team regularly worked remotely and in other offices even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s office was long considered the second or even third workplace for the core team. As a result, the company’s existing office space was a patchwork of printers, servers, and desktop computers. While protected personal information (PPI) was always well-secured, the overall network was neither efficient nor modern enough to keep up with the growing demands of the business. Dr. Messieha recognized that an investment in a technology refresh could transform the way OADC moved into the future. At the same time, making an investment in new technology would require updating existing systems and processes. This was not a simple hardware refresh but rather a wholesale update of a fully functioning business’s technology stack. Implementing such a change at an expert level and without impacting day-to-day operations would require an expert team.

The TeraLinks Solution

Dr. Messieha decided to partner with TeraLinks for his network refresh. Known for a holistic approach to IT solutions for businesses, the TeraLinks team started with an assessment not just of existing IT investments but also of business processes and workflows. By understanding how the OACD team liked to work and what processes were already in place, TeraLinks was able to design a network that did not disrupt existing workflows or daily priorities.

TeraLinks also performed a security audit to make that future data stores of PPI and sensitive information would be safe and secure. A new network -- complete with a server room, firewall, and new workstations -- transformed OACD into an organization that leverages technology to its fullest. Now, workflows are streamlined, human error is reduced, and security is rock-solid. Even more, TeraLinks designed the network and included applications to function seamlessly whether a team member is in the office or not.

Working With TeraLinks

Dr. Messieha is effuse in his praise for the TeraLinks implementation. “Our focus has always been on providing the best service and care possible. For anyone that does not think technology can play a role in a goal like that, I would disagree. We can work faster and more efficiently without compromising our high standards. In fact, I think a case can be made that we are providing even better care and partnership with our clients.” He continued, “The TeraLinks team is responsive and communicates information proactively. But those are table stakes with technology providers, right? To me, the difference is that when they told us they care about our business success they actually backed that up with action. We aren’t just a customer. We are partners.”

The Results

Since the new office network was implemented, OACD has grown both new and existing relationships with dentists and healthcare providers across Illinois. Their powerful new network allows for internal and external collaboration, bringing speed to a business sector that has long relied on paperwork and delays. Asked if he would recommend TeraLinks to other healthcare providers and small businesses, Dr. Messieha did not hesitate to answer. “Absolutely. Absolutely. The TeraLinks team takes a business goal, even for a complex business like ours, and finds the right strategy and tactics in technology to reach that goal.”

Ready To Connect?

To learn more about how TeraLinks can help your business through technology, contact us here.

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